On demographics.

In 2005, some 137 million babies were born around the globe. That 137 million is the maximum number of 20-year-olds who’ll be around in 2025. There are no more, no other sources; that’s it, barring the introduction of mass accelerated cloning (which is by no means an impossibility). Who that 137 million are will determine the character of our world.

The shape’s already becoming clear. Take those Danish cartoons. Every internet blogger wants to take a stand on principle alongside plucky little Denmark. But there’s only five million of them. Whereas there are 20 million Muslims in Europe – officially. That’s the equivalent of the Danes plus the Irish plus the Belgians plus the Estonians.

You do the mathematics. If you want the reality of Europe in a nutshell, walk into a supermarket belonging to the French chain Carrefour. You’ll be greeted by a notice in Arabic: “Dear Clients, We express solidarity with the Islamic and Egyptian community. Carrefour doesn’t carry Danish products.” It’s strictly business: they have three Danish customers and a gazillion Muslim ones. Retail sales-wise, they know which way their bread’s buttered and it isn’t with Lurpak.

I understand his worry – but his math is off. He doesn’t take into account that most of those millions of emmigrated Muslims are not Islamofascists. There is a difference.
And while the Imans have gotten their masses riled up in Pakistan and Egypt and Iran, the riots aren’t happening (knock on wood) here or in Europe or in Australia. So immigration to the west is, in effect, a way to spread moderate Islam around the world – And have those children around to pay for our retirements.
I think stabilizing populations is not a horrible thing. This planet is limited. I love people, but don’t we have enough? Judeo/Christianity has a lot going for it. Capitalism has a lot going for it. Freedom, well – it too has a lot going for it. I suspect those things can spread to most babies in the long run.
It’s the short run that’s scary.

UPDATE: Read this. Riots are dying out elsewhere but gaining momentum in Pakistan. While demographics has contributed to this – repressive regimes are the real problem. If you don’t feel free to run amuk, you really, really, really want to. Any excuse will do, including being asked to run amuk by your friendly Al qaeda rep.

UPDATE II: Steyn writes for the Western Standard who will be printing the Danish Cartoons. Subscribe, or write a letter if you are so inclined.

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  1. I like your insight into this- it is so easy to make numbers look alarming if you want to panic people…never thought Steyn would do that to us!! He has a good point about who is born and will be around, but, if allowed to think for themselves and live freely, like you say- who knows what great things could happen in 20 years.

  2. I like the fact that you’re writing more commentary, Terri. Your opinions are a breath of fresh air and I’m glad we are seeing them come out more.

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