One thought on “Steyn

  1. Not that anyone or anything could top Steyn, EVER, AND…Chirac saying that bringing in the military is “not necessary” on the 12th night of RIOTING? really. I found in college, as an RA, that the mere presence of police (and my definition of police are sober, adult, athletic individuals WITH WEAPONS-calmed these late teenage early twenty somethings down in a BIG HURRY-just request a “walk thru” if anyone refused to abide by rules)- and if it doesn’t, they are walking into some SEVERE consequences.
    No wonder the French are such wimpy losers (and how they still enjoy being so haughty, who knows). Or to quote Monty Python: run away!run away!run away!Killer rabbit! Fangs and teeth like you’ve NEVER SEEN!

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