State Department run within 140 words

Concerning Ukraine:
1) I understand Fox is the only right leaning news source on TV, but I cannot stand the talking heads and the school age making fun of Obama seen on these shows. (was just on vacation so I got to watch cable news regularly) It isn’t “news” worthy. Yes, Sarah Palin, that includes you.
2) It also drives me nuts that our state department says anything more then “Happy Independence Day!” or “For more information see” on Twitter. It’s unseemly and not stately at all.
2) At the same time, Obama needs someone to pants him and I’m old.
3) Diplomad has a must read today.

A taste:

We now see the crisis in Ukraine. A couple of days ago, Obama boldly told us that the invasion of Ukraine had put Putin “on the wrong side of history.” Says who? And who writes the history of an era? The winners or the losers? These are the kind of maddening, empty-calorie phrases that sound good and tough and gutsy and erudite coming off of some speechwriter’s printer, but sound pathetic and laughable uttered when confronting a guy at the head of a tank column.

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