Speaking of health care

Is this illegal? Drug firms ‘hype up diseases’ to boost sales.

I blame doctors/patients over drug firms. If you have restless leg syndrome only you can decide if it’s bothersome enough to risk diarrhea, bloating, sexual side effects etc, etc.
Doctors are the ones pushing the cholesterol drugs. And frankly they will until someone can prove it doesn’t help with heart disease. Drug firms have the money for the studies, but doctors are supposed to be educated enough to help patients make their own decisions.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of health care

  1. I agree that people are absolutely to blame; that said, the power of suggestion is strong with most of us – or why would every fast food restaurant Upsell a drink/fries etc to get to you to buy more?
    Our health care system is so out of whack that people don’t have a trusted dr. they can call and ask a simple question; instead they can just get the drug on the internet, which is such a scary scenario for the future. Combination of greed and litigation don’t lend themselves to drug companies changing by themselves…plus the tax write off you get for advertising. Take that away, and see how many commercials they are still doing? just a thought.

  2. Absolutely, legitimate business expense. So my point is, if there were a cap on how much advertising was reasonable, it may not seem to be the best use of their dollars to plaster all media with their marketing; they might be more selective. But as long as you get to choose between being taxed on money or spending pre tax money on promoting your business, who wouldn’t? Same for liquor and tobacco, although they have been thru the regulation stuff ad naseum.

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