Here we go.

I have the great pleasure of being in a room with 9 other women who are Trump supporters. In Boulder. It’s like a conservative miracle!

He’s recognizing the greatness of Americans. Firefighters, pilots during the hurricane etc etc. Scalise and the police and health people who saved him.

“State of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

200,000 mfg jobs

Rising wages

45 year low of unemployment claims. African-American claims the lowest ever. Same with Hispanic unemployment

Stock market through the roof. He went through his tax reform highlights including the repeal of the individual mandate. He’s shared the tax cut bonus announcements that have been going on and the Apple announcement.

“There has Never been a better time to start living the American dream”

Faith and family are the center vs government. Preston from Redding started a flag movement on Veterans graves.

Ooh Trump mentioned standing for the National Anthem!

Onto VA accountability act. Sounds good to me. 1500 let go from VA.

“Right to try” with healthcare and the FDA. Yay

1.5 trillion for infrastructure.

“Americans are dreamers too”. Excellent line!

……etc etc

Impression? This was a really enjoyable speech. This was awesome to hear a pro America theme. The zingers may have gone too far but the ending of this speech is amazing.  He didn’t deal with any of the real problems, ie entitlements, but no one ever does, so I don’t hold it against him.

It really feels like he loves the people of this country. Go Trump!


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