Something is fishy here.

Let me see if I have this story right: (it’s short, read it yourself and let me know)

A woman who retired from the FBI last February is suing her exboss for discrimination., true

She found out about an ilicit affair(s) he was having and told a friend in 2000. Word got back to him and he suspended her. true

She made an official complaint to the inspection team in 2000 warning them about her boss’s behavior. true

She believes it was ignored.

In December 2004 she was suspended again but we don’t know why.
In 2005 she filed a discrimination lawsuit which was rejected. Now she is appealling that.

The boss was given a 14day suspension and allowed to transfer but we don’t know when this happened.
Someone from the judiciary committe is planning on seeing if all of this caused a compromise of national security.

Is this a story????? What part is the discrimination part? When was the boss suspended? Why did she expect that you could tell a friend about a boss’s affair with a foreigner and not have him have a problem with that. (isn’t that a bit of compromised security?)

I am not excusing the boss’s behavior here. I am pointing out this story that is now on Drudge is not news. Certainly not complete news. This woman doesn’t sound like she took any kind of appropriate action until she was suspended. Then she was suspended again years later. But based on her first actions she’s got some incompetent thought processes going on that may easily lead to suspensions. Why the second one? And what was the written reason for the first one? Maybe this is one of those fishing stories where you throw something out and hope it gets spread so that someone else can do the research……