Some links for you today

Mark Steyn on the VP debate. (ht Scott)

Ace has the quote of the day today. In regards to finding out that Barney Frank’s partner worked at Fannie Mae between 91 and 98 when Frank was on the House Banking Committee.

Why is it I fucking know the exact time Sarah Palin had amniotic fluid leakage and I’m just finding this out now?

And the AP, yes the AP!!!! notes that

Stable Iraq could influence Mideast

(ht Jules Crittendom who’ll analyze it for you so you don’t have to read AP.)

5 thoughts on “Some links for you today

  1. Is anybody but me wondering why the Republican “elite” writers and pundits like Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker have ganged up with the far left and the MSM to try and destroy Palin and by extension McCain? Are they trying to seize the William “I am smarter than everyone in the world” Buckley mantle and attitude?

    I’m really tired of these snobs and I hope a whole bunch of middle America is too….

  2. Peggy Noonan wrote a very positive column on Palin, so I’m unsure what you’re talking about.

    A critic’s thing is to find something to criticize and then write about it. Palin is great, but she isn’t of the intellectual elite if she thinks George Sheehan’s book is literature. I don’t care, you don’t care, but a lot of people think it’s important. Far better to share that than the Andrew Sullivan ridiculousness about who’s baby is who’s.

  3. Noonan was on Meet the Press the discussion was about McCain et al daring to bring up that “school reformer”, as Tom Brokaw described William Ayers.
    She then went on to lament where our nations (read conservatives) attacks are taking us all. Like I said, I guess I’m just clinging to my guns and religion and don’t like the discussion the intelligenstia is having about me and my fellow redneck rubes

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