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From the NYPost by Rupert Murdoch:

The market succeeds because it gives people incentives to put their own wants and needs aside to address the wants and needs of others. To succeed, you have to produce something that other people are willing to pay for.

Matt Ridley has given great thought to these issues. In his book “The Rational Optimist,” he pointed out that by almost any measure, people on this planet today are better fed, better sheltered, and better protected than they’ve ever been — and that prosperity has really accelerated in the last 100 years. Indeed, the average person’s standard of living has improved tenfold in the last century, and we owe much of it to trade.

From Coyote Blog

Power begets more power. Coercion begets more coercion.

There really is a very simple test for this – simply imagine the coercive power you advocate in the hands of your worst political enemy. Still happy with it? I bet not.

From Bob Owens who has a good post on this, but check out this video at about 1:30

Everyone in this house (and there are a LOT of people… assuming college roommates) is cooperating and they are all treated similarly as they exist.
Why? They are clearly not the bomber. Yes, the guy MAY still be in the house, but the guy at 1:30 is not him. What is the point of pissing him off when you could have had an even more cooperative citizenry? Go look at the 2 other videos. These officers were checking clearly open areas, yet still never found the guy in the boat. I have no police training but I believe that once again we have an instance of the citizenry being helpful, yet being treated like criminals.
This is not the way to build trust and cooperation.

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