Somalia vs Reuters

A news analyst from Reuters today analyzes the lack of concern for Somalia in the world (read US). Essentially he notes all the goings on over there since the January crises when Ethiopian troops moved in to help rid the place of Islamists. He blames
1) fatigue over Iraq
2) too much danger in Somalia for good media coverage
3) embarrassment for backing the current govt
4) too much coverage of Darfur

But my favorite quote was this:

Liban Ibrahim, a 30-year-old bus driver in the Somali capital, said: “The world does not care about our plight. The United Nations is busy issuing statements when innocent civilians are dying every day.”

Mr. Ibrahim doesn’t realize that that is exactly what the UN does for a living. And in the meantime, yes, the world cares and yes the world is tired of the problems of others. Sorry about that, but it’s the truth.

And more than that…..What is the world to do? Go in and fight? Send money? Or add bumper stickers next to the Darfur and Tibet ones? Uncorrelated today remarks on Darfur being the new Tibet with all the “action” that entails, like bake sales.

Dear Somalia,
It’s not that no one cares. It’s that you don’t really want the problem(s) taken care of. Come up with a practical solution that doesn’t involve doing what we do and then we’ll talk.
ps Make sure that solution doesn’t include bumper stickers though. Hollywood has that covered.

2 thoughts on “Somalia vs Reuters

  1. very sad. Used to be we could go and help, the Islamist radicals are a new kind of awful to get rid of.

  2. Thank you, for this post on Somalia. Bush Halliburton & Co have basically decided that any ‘government’ is acceptable whether it be warlords, killers, traitors to rule Somalia. They have just installed a puppet president. Ethiopians are used as cannon. Everything is done under the ‘war on terror’ there is no policy. Whatsoever.

    In the mean time, the Ethiopians, are not letting food, aid or any press to enter the city so they can continue killing. What the United States and Ethiopia are doing to Somalia is shameful.

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