Slanderers and Idiots (which first??)

“We’ve killed over 400,000 of their citizens.” That’s what actor Tim Robbins thinks U.S. troops have been doing in Iraq. He made the claim last week in an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

He’s wrong, of course. American soldiers have not been slaughtering 300 Iraqis a day for the last four years. Even for one of Hollywood’s most feculent personalities, this is an appalling slander of U.S. troops.

And then the stupid De Palma movie:

Most Americans who read about this brutal crime probably understood that most soldiers don’t behave this way. DePalma does not.

2 thoughts on “Slanderers and Idiots (which first??)

  1. Depalma’s movie, according to Michelle Malkin, is being bankrolled by internet mogul and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I think he may be about to realize that slandering the troops by saying they are all murderous rapists is not a good business move.

  2. And Mark Cuban is going to be on the Fall season of Dancing with the Stars. A reason to not watch? Or a reason to vote him off in the first show? (Also this is the guy that went to HS w/EG.)

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