Signs of Winning

They exist.
Let’s start with Powerlines piece about the approval ratings for Congress. They are lower than for the President. If Democrats had it right and we should be out of Iraq and they were fighting tooth and nail to make it happen, they theoretically would have higher numbers.

Now onto Captain Eds horrific post about the insurgents using children in a car bomb. Horrible. Beyond despicable. Why would they do that? It’s only going to show Iraqi’s what they’re truly like. Well let’s see…..maybe because they are desperate.

Mohammed has some recent information about tribes in Anbar going after al-Qaeda. It was still ongoing as of his post but 39 terrorists were dead.

And finally Iraqpundit takes a look at those poll numbers printed in the Times from London. He calls this a “War on Civilians” vs a “Civil War”.
A fresh perspective.

One thought on “Signs of Winning

  1. I think you are soo right about the terrorists desperation. And proof it is AQ. Who else is classless and so morally bankrupt to do this?
    And, where are all the huge reports about the great gatherings of people in protest that were supposed to happen this weekend? Did I just miss it? or are there really only a few scary moonbats making all the noise?

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