Ok – now I’m getting to be late gettin around, but here’s a couple of examples of Turkeys you might want to read about as we get to the holidays.
Sen. Obama from The Corner:

“The professional grievance industry and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) are up in arms because Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) had the temerity to say that “discrimination against young Arab males from terrorist-producing states” was warranted in the visa-awarding process. “


The Australian MSM. Read the whole thing but here’s the quote Tim Blair picked up on:

“On Tuesday, November 1, senior cabinet ministers convened for a hastily called meeting of the national security committee of cabinet. Most there did not know what the meeting was for and heard for the first time the disturbing intelligence on terrorist plans in Australia. It was a deliberately restricted meeting, with fewer officials than normal in attendance. Senior ministers were shocked and startled by what they were told. The NSC discussed the proposed legal amendments with the relevant legal experts. The next steps almost dictated themselves: brief Opposition leader Kim Beazley and the relevant premiers, some of whom already knew some of the information from their own police.

What happened next was incredible. Half the media, especially the ABC, and a good portion of the intellectual class, as well as the minor parties, immediately decided that John Howard had concocted the whole thing as a stunt to distract attention from the industrial relations legislation. This is almost too insane to admit to the mainstream of discussion but it was almost the orthodoxy last week.”