Vodkapundit is worried that Sharon’s policy’s are doomed to failure.

“Now Sharon is incapacitated, almost certainly permanently. His successor is Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is an unknown quantity outside Israel. Only two months old, the rest of Kadima’s roster is uncertain at best. Can Sharon’s new party survive without the Bulldozer to plow through the entrenched opposition? It’s hard enough to create a new party out of thin air, even with as active and energetic leader as Sharon. Without Sharon, I worry Kadima – and the policies it represents – is doomed to failure.”

Frankly – his new party was getting support. While there are rough times ahead, the optimist in me believes people “step up” in times of crises.

Of course that hasn’t happened with the Palestinians after Arafat died.
From Captain Ed:
“It now looks like Ariel Sharon may have struck the most devastating blow against Palestinian statehood by allowing them to have Gaza all to themselves. Sharon, who may be dying at this very moment, gave the world a fishbowl for the Palestinians to demonstrate the endgame of their nihilism.”

Either way – you have to laugh at this headline by Reuters:

“Bush Faces Crises if Sharon Doesn’t Recover”

They keep hoping don’t they?
Read the article from the NZ herald – it talks about prayer for recovery, it talks about Sharon leaving giant shoes to fill and it talks about Bush staying the course. No where does it say what exactly Bush’s crises would be. lol

Frankly – my worry is that now it’s probably up to us alone to be in charge of making certain that Iranian nuclear ambitions don’t come to fruition.

One thought on “Sharon

  1. But hasn’t Karl Rove already planned the Iran invasion? And my guess is that Sharon will remain stable in a foreign hospital after dying…..(like Arafat did for how long?) We can’t be afraid of a new leader – hopefully, it will be a huge improvement and someone who can see that the Palestinian thing doesn’t have to stay the way it has been for so many years..maybe a generation of change for the good. I can be an optimist, see?

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