Senator Salazar

JK wrote to Mr. Salazar about the ad and received a very good reply that needs to be spread to those who think they want to run the country.

I lament MoveOn’s decision to engage in the politics of personal attacks. As noted in media reports, I believe the the ad was inappropriate and sent the wrong message (“Salazar assails MoveOn over Petraeus attack ad”, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 9/13/07). There is no need to denigrate the service of General Petreaus, who is in my view one of the most skilled and credible commanders in the United States Military. Doing so debases our political discourse and obscures the real issue at hand, which is how to find a new way forward in Iraq.

Mr. Salazar is also making a third trip to Iraq.

He said he wants to decide what to do with the bipartisan bill he introduced that embraced the findings of the Iraq Study Group.

I am far from agreeing with Mr. Salazar about a lot of things, but he is a good and admirable guy who does want to do what he thinks is right. I say ‘good on ya’.

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