Seeing no reason here

Today is a story in the LATimes concerning the “grilling” of the head of the EPA and why he disallowed the global warming initiative of CA.

Based on the story it sounds like the “grilling” by Congress was in order find a way to blame higher ups vs how to find the actual answer to his absurd decision. He gives no answer here other than

In denying California’s request, Johnson has said that a nationwide climate change strategy is preferable to a “patchwork of state rules.”

He has said that the tougher fuel-economy rules in the recently enacted federal energy bill would go a long way to reduce emissions nationwide.

Climate change, Johnson said at the hearing, is “a global problem requiring a global solution — at least, at a minimum, a national solution.”

He added: “It’s not exclusive to California.”

So because it would work out better if everyone participated he decided that CA can not run it’s own state. Again, seeing no explanation here.