Ok – I am no scientist, but I did take high school biology.

So why the heck is this actual scientist surprised that more carbon is good for plants?

Physicists tracking the data have found an unexpected benefit of rising carbon dioxide levels. Dr. Denning says it’s unusual. “Stuff is growing faster than it’s dying, which is weird,” he says.

Seriously. Weird? (she writes while scratching her head)

4 thoughts on “Science

  1. She’s working on a nutty theory that water and Oxygen are good for animals — stay tuned!

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  3. It leave you wondering about all those so called global warming models that show we’re all going to die.

    Did they take into account, how the trees would prosper?
    Did they take into account any number of things I can’t think of, because – again…high school biology. Sheesh – you try to trust these folks.

  4. You mean, gasp, we aren’t the EVIL ones causing global warming that is ruining the solar system? Honestly, some of these things happen independent of what the ever important humans do?

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