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In today’s Washington Post is a story about the Frost family again. The lede is

A Maryland family caught in the partisan crossfire over a children’s health-care bill in Congress is now stepping back into the divisive debate, advocating this time for state legislation that would expand coverage for adults.

Ok – so now you’re thinking we’re going to have some information about a new bill maybe to cover adults. News, right. Well, a little. Maryland is thinking of covering adults. Mostly however this article is a rehash of how conservative bloggers spied on the Frost family to discover they were middle class and suggest that maybe poor people shouldn’t be put in a position of paying for the Frost’s coverage of their children.
(assuming poor people because everyone keeps talking about coverage being covered by smokers who are apparently more represented by the poor than the rich. numbers not confirmed)

It’s a hard place to be in. Too rich for medicaid, too poor to afford health insurance. This is why people make some of the choices we make. ie Sticking with a good job that offers insurance rather than a dream job that doesn’t. Not having 4 children because 2 has put you to the limit of your expenses. Working 2 jobs instead of 1 part time one because of the needs of the family.
All vs asking your neighbor to cover your family, your entire family permanently because your neighbor has a nasty cigarette habit.

How hard is this debate? It seems simple enough to me.

And I’m good with covering the Frost kids. The program is there, I’d never heard of it, but it exists, keep funding it. That’s how programs go. Once it’s enacted most people won’t work very hard to get rid of it. And that’s why conservatives are working so hard now to keep the program from being expanded.

And that’s why it’s so important that they win.

2 thoughts on “Schip

  1. I’m not really “good” with covering the Frost kids. I won’t march on the Capitol or anything, but for the very reasons you (and Mark Steyn — great link the other day!) stated, why should we fund their lifestyle of part-time pleasant work with all the accoutrements of real jobs?

  2. I agree with you on that. But I’m “good” with it since it already exists. I guess that’s one of the points I was trying to make is that once things are in place we (meaning me) get complacent.

    There are true instances of need where health insurance is simply not available to people who are trying to buy it. I’ve seen that happen.

    And I’ve seen hospitals take in people who have no health insurance at all and take care of them.

    So you’re right. I shouldn’t be good with the Frosts, but since they are already part of SCHIP, I’m ok with it. But they stand as a very bad example of why SCHIP should be expanded and for them to now request coverage for themselves (paid for by others) vs their “raised by a village” children is beyond the pale.

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