I received the wording from the US Chamber of Commerce’s SCHIP call and I was mistaken earlier. The call doesn’t recommend that I urge Marilyn Musgrave to support the bill that was just live blogged by Captain Ed.
Instead it says to call her and urge her to support our poorest children. ?? Not how to do that or how expanding coverage will not support our poorest children. It was a silly (and confusing) message meant to make the GOP sound good. They’d do better without the little “support our children” at the end.

Some in Congress are trying to dramatically change the SCHIP health care program. Instead of focusing on health care coverage for America’s poorest children, they want to expand coverage to families making over $80,000/year, a massive government expansion.

Under this law, more than a million people will move from private insurance to government-run health care. Just a moment of your time can help stop this. Please contact [your representative here]. Urge him/her to continue his fight to keep SCHIP funding for our poorest children. If you don’t speak to a live person, please leave a message.

This message brought to you by the US Chamber Of Commerce.

Read the above and tell me it isn’t worded oddly. And I thought it wasn’t $80,000 anymore?

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