Poor Mr. Dionne. He’s so confused. Because Republicans are “mean” he seems to think that everyone should pay for middle class children’s (children as old as 19)[corrected from the previous age of 25 per commenter’s authority. Thanks JG] health insurance along with our own.

Regarding the Frost family who uses the current SChip program:

here is a family with modest possessions doing everything conservatives tell people they should do, and the right trashes them for getting help to buy health insurance for their children.

No, the left used them as an example of the good Schip can do (and does). The right trashes the concept of having other middle class people or smokers pay for the Frost’s to buy health insurance when they (the Frosts) could afford their own as easily as I could. (not withstanding the new problem of pre-existing conditions, which, if someone wants to come up with the government sponsored program for insurance for people who can’t get insurance due to pre-existing conditions, I’d be happy to help.)

Mr. Dionne hasn’t come up with a reason for others paying for the Frost’s insurance other than that it’s expensive. And because Mr. Frost is self-employed it’s even more expensive.

Dear Mr. Dionne, Come up with a solution to the ‘self-employed insurance’ problem, not the ‘I think I’ll start my own business even though insurance is unaffordable instead use the taxpayors to buy my insurance’ problem.

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  1. Need to get rid of the “up to 25” line — that was the House bill. Vetoed bill retains current law — up to 19 — except in some specified states where it is up to 21.

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