Running late

IMAO has a funny riff on port security. (ht Varifrank who says that this (IMAO’s piece) is clearly the last word)

Captain Ed sees Chief Justice Roberts in action on money in politics. He’s a keeper. (both Captain Ed and Chief Justice Roberts!)

Instapundit has a link to a great act of Civil Obedience. Don’t tell me that kids these days are worthless. These guys are great.

and finally
Powerline discusses how really, really important the UN’s words are. Not.

One thought on “Running late

  1. Powerline gets it right again. The fact that other horrible acts of murder were committed but NOT in the name of Christianity is just a tiny little point when Muslim extremists are willing to kill over cartoons. And the driving experiment is strange. I understand their point, that obeying the law puts you in danger….

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