Rumsfield Interview

Tim Blair linked to this interview with Jim Leher today to point out this bit of funniness:

question from Jim Lehrer:
JIM LEHRER: Does it bother you — I looked at the public opinion polls the last, recent ones that mention you. And you don’t come out very well in terms of the public. I couldn’t find one where the public had approved of the job you were doing, less than 50 percent. Does that bother you?

question from Donald Rumsfield
DONALD RUMSFELD: Oh, I think that it’s — if you look where the news media is, it’s down very low at the polls. If you want to get into public opinion polls, people in that business are right down near the bottom.
JIM LEHRER: Tell me about it.
DONALD RUMSFELD: You know that. Yeah, does it bother you?
JIM LEHRER: (laughter) Hey, I ask the questions here!

That was funny, but here’s the meat of that interview:
JIM LEHRER: So when you hear these kinds of things or read these kinds of things, you look at it that way. In other words, this just goes with the job. You don’t say hey, wait a minute; maybe I have done something wrong; maybe I’ve got to rethink some things here; maybe —

DONALD RUMSFELD: Oh, my goodness, we rethink things all the time. We are constantly calibrating, constantly talking and discussing and how can we do whatever it is we are doing better.

People who think that Bush just is so stubborn he has just a one track stay the course mindset just don’t have a clue what the military does for a living. And frankly, if I can figure out, having zero close connections with anyone in the military well then……..