Thank you Ed Morrissey for your learned opinion.

I like his reasoning…

Both Rubio and Cruz have had high and low points in Washington. Rubio’s low point came with the Gang of Eight bill, which he admits now was a mistake. Cruz led a poorly conceived shutdown over the fantasy demand that Barack Obama sign a budget defunding ObamaCare, which ended up leaving Republicans on the defensive in 2013 and nearly overshadowed a catastrophic failure in the program’s rollout. Neither of these mistakes did any long-term damage, but the two mistakes reflect a key difference between the two candidates. Rubio tried too hard to work with others and made a bad deal but eventually recognized that, while Cruz doesn’t work well even with members of his own party and makes the kind of impossible-to-keep promises that end up disillusioning voters………Rubio, on the other hand, saw a way to block crony payoffs to the insurance companies that pushed for that mandate with the restriction on funds for “risk corridor” payments. Rubio demanded a rider on the 2013 “cromnibus” that blocked general-fund payouts under that program, limiting them to taxes collected specifically for that function. Rubio’s effort remains the only effective Republican legislative limitation of ObamaCare since its March 2010 passage, and the one that has pushed most of the government “co-ops” out of business.”

The only problem I see is I think Trumpsters could accept a Cruz, but I suspect they would not accept a Rubio opening up a 3rd party run. HOWEVER – Dem’s might vote Rubio where they wouldn’t vote Cruz.
AND – I really don’t like to predict what other people will do and then vote on that.

Hmmmmmmm – change to Rubio? Maybe. I have 28 hours.

One thought on “Rubio?

  1. I’d probably be happier with Cruz but I’ll be voting for Rubio based on the lead he has over Cruz in my state, in the hopes that somehow the state doesn’t go for Trump

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