Riots, Arabs, Iran, Iraq…..

Muslims, while rioting may look like one big single celled organism, but there is a difference. Which is why someone in the government didn’t really go through the entire thought process before oking a UAE company management of a few key ports. The UAE are the good guys. Allies, and friends. They aren’t rioting over cartoons there and they know how to run ports.
(Personally I think it was a bad idea, and I’ve let my opinion be known to my reps but it’s not the same thing as handing over the ports to Ahmadinejad.)

This post by the Officersclub regarding the riots going on in Syria also points out a difference and a problem they have there in Syria. Muslim extremists aren’t a problem only for the west.

Yeah, letting that free expression genie out of the bottle sucks, doesn’t it. The problem Syria is facing is that its Alawite government is in the minority. Alawites are seen as an offshoot of Shia Islam and are viewed by Syria’s majority Sunni population the same way evangelical Christians view the Mormon faith in America. So when the Assad regime encourages Islamist riots, its Sunni population is going to obviously be very skeptical, but- hey, they get to burn stuff, so giddy up!

(sidenote: Apparently we have a small protest going on in Gallup, New Mexico after the paper there printed the cartoons. People are tough in Gallup. I will bet you this doesn’t turn into cartoon riots!)
(side, side note: have you seen the pictures going around that seem to be pictures of the NY protests? I thought they looked staged so I went looking and it looks to me like the bloghype, is just that, bloghype. Here’s the actual story. Reasonable, subdued, one block.)
Moving on:
Iran is calling on Britain to pull it’s troops out of Iraq. Frankly, these Iraqi’s (Iraq the Model) think that’s outrageous.

This is totally unacceptable and it is a deliberate interference with the internal affairs of Iraq.
Whether or not Iraq is sovereign, independent, weak or whatever, Basra is an Iraqi city and under no circumstances should Iran feel it has the right to interfere with Iraq’s affairs.

And speaking of Iran, some seem to think that Iran has a way save face concerning nukes. I’m not holding my breath. Remember all the fun with Iraqi inspections etc? Both the first and second time. On again, off again. Oh, this will work. Nope.

All of that said, this is hilarious!! A cartoon linked to through Jim Treacher. If a large group of people act like idiots they are going to lumped into one conveniently labeled group and picked on.