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Yesterday Coffeespy had a post regarding what’s going on at Walter Reed that made me ashamed to be part of the proWar crowd. He’s been following the Washington Post story that came out this weekend that I missed somehow. (well, not somehow, I hardly touch the papers on the weekends)

This needs to be fixed immediately and it will take people talking about it to get it done. Write your congressman and urge them to really look at why the hospital is in such dire straits, remind them this isn’t political ammo, and assure them you’ll vote for an effective lawmaker rather than a shifty, party-yes-man who’ll stoop to using wounded soldiers as political tokens.

Apparently other people have also been aghast at this because today the Post has a story about what’s been going on since that story hit the stands.

Walter Reed and Army officials have been “meeting continuously for three days” since the articles began appearing, Weightman said. A large roundtable meeting with Army and Defense Department officials will take place at the Pentagon early this morning to continue talks about improvements in the outpatient system, he added.

Weightman said the medical center has received an outpouring of concern about conditions and procedures since the articles appeared and has taken steps to improve what soldiers and their families describe as a messy battlefield of bureaucratic problems and mistreatment.

“We’re starting to attack how we’ll fix and mitigate” some of the problems, he said.

The NYSun also has a version of the fixing going on.

I bash the MSM a lot over a lot of things.

They deserve bigtime kudos over this story. Way out here in the hinterland I would never have known about this without their investigation. And by george I need to know. Every letter written to every soldier includes a “may we always treat you well”. I mean that, but have never bothered with looking into how that goes on in actual life.

Thank you to the Washington Post and thank you Mr. Coffeespy for spreading the word.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the exposure! I posted a follow up today (late) and I ranted on a personal experience so I’m not sure how much that’s worth.

    I’m glad to see results so quickly, but I wouldn’t have expected less. The Army hates bad press. It’s disgusting that it took bad press to spur General Weightman to do his job. I wonder if repairs would be done had WaPo not investigated.

    Off topic… how the heck does one contact you via email?!

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