As expected, the resolution in the house passed, though not with all the votes expected from the GOP. Today the Senate is expected to pass it’s version.
These folks look like idiots passing these things while the Mudville Gazette is sharing the good news coming out of the surge.
Ralph Peters shares what I’m feeling.

The “nonbinding resolution” telling the world that we intend to surrender to terrorism and abandon Iraq may be the most disgraceful congressional action since the Democratic Party united to defend slavery.


It’s going to bite our combat commanders. By undermining their credibility and shaking the trust of their Iraqi counterparts, it makes it far tougher to build the alliances that might give Iraq a chance.
If you were an Iraqi, would you be willing to trust Americans and risk your life after the United States Congress voted to abandon you?

Exactly. What the f*** were they/are they thinking?
One of my favorite trite little comments is “The way to make God laugh is to tell him your plan”. May God be laughing over our Congress today and not over George Bush’s plan!