Resolution Stumble

So last night, I’m out with friends who we’ll describe as left, but very smart. People who “care” and so are left. We don’t talk politics.

Hence I was caught off guard when the conversation moved from
a) one person’s father who is incredibly obese and does nothing to protect his health and how could she talk to him about it again during an upcoming visit when none of her other talks over the years have done any good
b) another person’s baby niece who’s had 3 heart surgeries since birth, spent 6 months in the hospital and who’s total bill at this point due to PA covering big ticket items like this is around $15,000
c) Universal health care

These are personal loving stories. Is this where I jump in with my own thoughts on coverage? (government catastrophic care for all-maybe incentivize the buying of coverage yourself and staying healthy=avg price of a house, open borders in insurance sales, medical lawsuit reform, continued tax incentives for charities willing to help out.

Nah, I didn’t. So a bit guilty at this point for not standing up…..but in the meantime I thought of a good argument that could get under a lefties’ skin. One person had mentioned universal health care because the government being so big could negotiate prices. Yet, one reason Walmart is despised due to these exact practices. They order stuff from manufacturers, get them to build up their infrastructure to keep up, then demand X price. Their cheap prices run other stores out of business and they then have the monopoly. Is that what good people want to see of the government?

The thing about resolutions, is you can resolve to start again. Right now. Perhaps I’d have been tougher without the margarita on board.

UPDATE: Fyi, the technology fumble of Obamacare is recognized by these folks, but they figure it will straighten itself out in time. AND that universal coverage would have been the better route to take.

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