Reporters never seem to ask the right questions.

If you or I were talking with someone in charge in Denver and they said
a) “Denver announced this week that it will not sweep the homeless off the streets for the Democratic National Convention. Instead, city officials plan to involve them in the political process. Alex Cohen talks with John Parvensky, President of the Colorado Coalition of the Homeless, about the city’s plans.” on July 2nd.
b) He thinks some participants may arrive in town without reservations and will discover they can’t get a hotel room. Others who come “don’t mind where they end up staying and maybe think they’ll be able to camp out.” They won’t.

The plan for the homeless during the convention is being developed by Denver Department of Human Services, Denver Police Department and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. on July 9th,

wouldn’t you wonder what that means and ask?

Now they are talking about giving the homeless free bus tokens to cultural activities. Um – All the cultural activities in Denver are in a 6 block radius. I don’t think they’re going to need a bus ticket to go see art. Plus, they’ll want to hang out where the people are so they can ask for money.

Who are these planning people? Have they no idea what panhandling is about? Do they have rules for what makes a person “homeless” and can stay vs “arrived in town and can’t find a place to stay” and can’t stay?

Questions please. I’m curious.