I’m running too late to connect these two stories, but somewhere there is a connection.

Story 1 is on the Golden Compass movie and those folks who are complaining about it and think it’s a big plot by the author to hook children into atheism. Huh? Um – I read the books, and they’re great fun. And who gives a rip if the author’s an atheist or that the highest religious authority in the book is the bad guy? It’s about power and power corrupting.
The author may relate that to killing God but others relate it to killing false gods.
whoops, lost my train….the article caught my attention because it keeps mentioning “religious furor”. Kind of like Muslims who get cranky when people can’t tell the difference between regular people Muslims and whack job Muslims.

Story 2 by Powerline is a post on moral equivalence linking to an article that equates whack job Muslims to whack job Christians without noting the differences in results….ie jailed for naming a teddy bear or killed for switching religions etc.

3 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Sad to say, Terri, the only segue available is to defend the religious whackos in Story One. I’ve no time for their scolding, and while I have not read the books, I am looking forward to the movie.

    But you cannot posit moral equivalence between those who called for a teacher’s death and those who seek to organize a commercial boycott.

  2. True, very true.

    But there IS a contingent that is NOT whacked out and not calling for a teacher’s death.

    Just as there is a contingent of Christians who will enjoy the movie and/or books of the Golden Compass trilogy.

    Not equivalent, and yet the way the first story is written, it makes it sound as if Christians are protesting. And yes, Christians are protesting and yet, most aren’t.

    Muslims are protesting the bear naming. And yet most Muslims are NOT protesting the bear naming.
    Yes their whackedness goes to the point of real killing/mahem etc. I suspect the blame for that is more the backwardness of their culture vs their religion.

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