Regime Change

Brought to you by the French. Who are these people and why do they have everyone’s respect?

COVERT attempts by President Chirac to exert influence over Africa were exposed by a French court yesterday, when it denounced his secret services for conniving with a band of mercenaries in a coup in the tiny Comoros Islands.

Aren’t they the whackjobs that attacked New Zealand too?

Barcepundit puts it well.

JUST AS IN TOM WOLFE’S accurate quip that the shadow of fascism always flies over the US but somehow always manages to land in Europe, the accusation of imperialism and of being a de-stabilizer of far-away countries always is hurled against the US but somehow it’s always what France does.

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  1. Did I need another reason to continue my boycott of the French..not really. They are consistently despicable…..

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