Re-defining Terms in order to see Offense


What is a sissy?
Is a sissy, by definition a girl? hell no.
Is a sissy, by definition a boy who acts like a girl? not quite

A sissy is fearful of things. Afraid to try anything new. Squeamish.
Are more girls sissies, than boys? Perhaps, which is why boys who are effeminate may be called sissies, but the sissy part of the problem isn’t in emotions. It’s in fear and internal weakness.

So is the saying “Sea Level is for Sissies” a dis on emotions, or emotional girls? Good Lord, no.

Out Boulder, an LGBTQ advocacy group, has launched an online petition seeking to pressure organizers of the Bolder Boulder to drop their slogan “Sea Level is for Sissies” because they say the word “sissies” is derogatory.

But race organizers say they have no plans to retire the slogan.

The petition was posted Wednesday by Out Boulder’s executive director, Mardi Moore, and by the evening it had 25 signatures.

“The word is used to (demean) traits that are problematically and stereotypically associated with women,” the petition reads. “Traits that all genders have but are not valued because they are associated with women. … All genders express emotions and they should be embraced when they do.

“they say the word “sissies” is derogatory.” Um. yes. That’s the point. A mild insult to those at sea level all told in good teasing fun. (those of you at sea level get to deal with the ocean, a very scary place indeed.)

So – a few things to note. Good for the Bolder Boulder organizers for not allowing this insult to be abolished in the name of PC.
Good for the petition only having 25 signatures. HAHAHAHA
A pox on whoever decided to just change the definition of the word sissy to suit their own sensitive nature.

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