You know as long as this country is having it’s big talks about racism, lets add sexism to the mix too.

There.. do you have your mind open? Now read this ridiculous column by Gail Collins of the NYTimes. Replace the words white male with black female in this bit and see if your dander doesn’t get a rise.

They (white men) long ago came to grips with the fact that they weren’t going to be seeing many reflections of themselves on the basketball court anymore. (They have not, in my observation, become nearly as resigned to female sports announcers.) And it’s hard to fashion an entire identity out of fantasy football and hockey.

I once tried to make a list of specifically guy things that no woman was ever going to want to trespass upon. All I came up with were “The Three Stooges” and lawn care.

Unbelievable what is acceptable as long as it’s against White Men. Dr. Helen is so constantly pointing out the abuse men put up with from the media that she can get annoying. Oftentimes she sounds like men can do no wrong, but she has a serious point. Folks need to notice the crap men are putting up with from supposed equal rightists.