Racism: will this “news” ever go away?

Sorry – I have to post on this subject again. (At this rate, I expect there will be a lot of it.)

Why? Because Scott found an article where the governor of Kansas (Kathleen Sebelius) has determined that the Right uses code words that suffice for racist attacks.

You know…words like ‘inexperienced’ and ‘liberal’. Or ‘unqualified’. I suspect she could add ‘handsome’ and ‘charismatic’. Projecting I’d have to say that when someone writes something like, “I disagree with Barack Obama on taxes” that too is probably a racist statement.

Scott is looking for a decoder ring. I have to suggest that

if he doesn’t want to be accused,
then all the words he mustn’t use.

Just don’t talk of Obama anymore. Oh… but do vote for him. Then and only then can you prove that you are not a bigot.

As long as we’re talking about Obama, read Karl Rove’s piece today. It’s full of racist words too, like ‘ambitious’ and (gasp!) ‘black’.

Mr. Obama has now also played the race card, twice suggesting in recent weeks that Republicans will draw attention to the fact that he’s black. Who is unaware of that? Americans overwhelmingly find it a hopeful, optimistic sign that the country could elect an African-American president. But they rightly want to know what kind of leader he might be. They may well reject as cynical any maneuver to discourage close examination of him by suggesting any criticism is racially motivated.

One thought on “Racism: will this “news” ever go away?

  1. It is pathetic our media and society isn’t ready to disregard race and look at qualifications….might as well require that x number of each race be in the Senate, the president be a black every other term, white every fourth term, hispanic every term in between? how about that?

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