Race and this election

Tons of good items out there today for some reason, but here’s what I want to know.

How is it that when we talk about race being a factor in the Democratic primaries it’s always about white people? White people will or will not vote for a black person…white people are ready…poor white men are not ready…..white claim that race isn’t a factor, but then vote white….

YET – 90% of black voters went with Obama. There is no way that 90% of black voters agree with Obama. Yet, they are probably Democrats and between the two are going for the black man. Good for them, I would too.

But yes, clearly race is a factor in this primary and that is without polling white people!

So as BTL says in the above link:

Instead of implying a stealth racism, [by whites] couldn’t the figures be interpreted another way

One thought on “Race and this election

  1. Really! I totally agree. And why is it just black/white? Where we are the Hispanic vote could probably swing things if it were organized right…….Too bad it still seems to be noticed in this day and age. Just shouldn’t matter, should just be about who is a good candidate, smart, ethical, etc.

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