Race and this Election

Here is a column by a black man, Robert A George, who spoke at Boulder’s conference of World Affairs recently.
He’s with me. We’re clearly not past race, but not so much in terms that most people think this means.

America has come a long way in terms of race, but clearly its elites – black, white, liberal and conservative – aren’t as colorblind as they claim. They see race first, rather than accomplishment, and make intellectual, political and tactical judgments accordingly. Black people are seen as symbols rather than as people. In Boulder, a supposed liberal “non-racist” white person couldn’t understand the existence of a “non-typical” black person.

I have to disagree with his conclusion.

If the intellectually, politically and socially-aware elites remain still stuck dealing with race, isn’t it naive to think that the country at large has reached nirvana?

If the intellectually, politcally and socially-aware elites that can be found in Boulder Colorado are who the rest of the country is following, then we’re in bigger trouble than I like to think!