Quick links because that’s what I do….

Powerline notes that the recently released German kidnapping victim in Iraq, Susanne Osthoff, somehow was found with ransom money in her pockets……

Captain Ed notes that now that Hillary is into preemptive strikes vs using the UN Security Council, the NYTimes is too.

Iraq the Model gives us an update on Iraqi democracy and notes that six militant groups have decided to join forces and fight Al qaeda. While they’d prefer to see the new govt do this, they realize this might well be a solution to the problem.

The Officer’s Club can start you on the links leading you to the hilarious story of how Code Pink ever so inefficiently lost their permits to protest on any of the 4 corners at Walter Reed. Time’s man of the week ought to be Concrete Bob!!!

One thought on “Quick links because that’s what I do….

  1. Seems like an amazingly dangerous game to play for the Germans and the German “victim”…….isn’t there an easier/better use of one’s time toward capitalist means?!

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