From House of Eratosthenes, who has a great image, so click on through.

Now can we start up some real investigations into what went on with Lois Lerner’s e-mails and the IRS’ treatment of the Tea Party groups? Just look at the pattern…
2008: Obama fever!
2010: The democrats get a shellacking because of disenchantment with Obama’s policies.
2012: ?????? Mystery force gets Obama re-elected ?????
2014: The democrats get a shellacking…again.
It looks a lot more like a natural learning process, than a back-and-forth shaking of something, like a Shake Weight or a can of spray paint. At least, it looks like that without the aberration of 2012. Putting 2012 back in, it looks more like the Shake Weight exercise — but, the electorate doesn’t move that way. It hasn’t. When has it? EVER?
Shenanigans were goin’ down. It is almost a certainty. And even if it is not the case, the priority should be to get this checked. The government taking control over the process by which it receives its “consent of the governed,” is a grave scenario indeed, probably the shortest path to tyranny and enslavement available to us.

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