This is the qotd because it goes right along with my epiphany yesterday:

The part I put in bold from today’s Morning Jolt by Jim Geraghty of the National Review:

For a politician, the product is government. And that explains quite a bit, when you think about it. To most of us, Toronto mayor Rob Ford is an accelerating tsunami of humiliation, a live-action cross between a John Candy comedy, cartoon, and Behind the Music special about an out-of-control addiction. But up in Toronto, he’s still polling fairly well — 43 percent approval rating, and it’s never gone below 40 percent despite his admitting to smoking crack cocaine. He remains competitive in all of the hypothetical reelection campaign match-ups and will face the voters in October.

Ford’s defying political gravity in part because a lot of people think that despite the crack-smoking, he’s been a pretty good mayor. (“I’ll take, ‘Sentences I Never Thought I Would Write’ for 500, Alex.”) He eliminated a personal-vehicle-registration tax, reduced spending, privatized garbage collection in one neighborhood, reduced city staff through buyouts, and has added more city workers to the legal classification that denies their ability to strike (paramedics and city-transit workers).

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