From Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt out of the National Review Online regarding the legality of IRS employee actions.

Not illegal? How about unconstitutional? I’m no constitutional scholar, but if the federal government is treating groups differently based upon their political beliefs, you have A) an equal protection clause violation and B) a violation of the First Amendment, as you’re impeding the right of one particular group of Americans to peaceably assemble, express their views, and communicate their grievances to the government.

An observation: One of the reasons that this went on, as long as it did (starting in March 2010), and as pervasively as it did, is that apparently no one within the Internal Revenue Service who heard about it thought it was wrong, and that no one thought their superiors — i.e., the secretary of the Treasury and the president — would object.

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  1. Without reading the link, I think part of the “not illegal” thing came from Eleanor Clift saying that lying to Congress is not illegal — except that it is and Dan Pfeiffer saying on the Sunday shows that whether it is legal or not is irrelevant (because, he meant, it is still wrong, although that wasn’t clear in his statements.)

    Interestingly, it has now been reported that the WH Counsel knew about this several weeks ago, which means the Chief of Staff of the WH had to know, which means the President should have known and if he didn’t that’s a whole nother set of problems.

    Even if they weren’t going to interfere or interrupt the ongoing OIG investigation, they still needed to be prepared to respond and therefore people would have discussed it and given the President and the press/communications team a heads-up so no one was surprised. (The worst sin in the WH is surprising everyone.)

    And just for a little history — weren’t all the right-wing groups and the Tea Party responsible last year for the current culture of incivility which led to several whackjob shootings of Congresswomen, etc? Shouldn’t the President and the left be even more so responsible for a culture that allows or silently approves this type of action — see Peggy Noonan on Friday.

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