Isn’t protocol something required for statesmen, statespeople, heads of state, people who’s job it is to be “Secretary of State”?

We all remember the silly little Goldie Hawn movie named Protocol, right?

One thing I’ve often thought was a) vaguely rude here, but b) extremely rude in the Middle East is the finger point.
Here is Secretary of State John Kerry with Syrian opposition coalition leader Mouaz al-Khatib in Rome on Thursday.kerry

And here is ehow on common Syrian gestures:

Obscene gestures

Many gestures common in the West are perceived as obscene in Syria. It is particularly so to signal someone to come with the palm of the hand facing upward rather than downwards. To point or beckon with one’s finger is considered extremely condescending. To make a ring with the thumb and forefinger — used to indicate “OK” in the U.S. — is also considered offensive, seen as a symbol of the evil eye and is usually accompanied by a curse.

Now, the internets don’t know everything, but the photo DOES look rude. Perhaps is was purposeful as Kerry sends a strong message that we will only send x amount of foodstuff and then there will only be more if you rebels don’t behave the way I suggest……

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