President Clinton

In regards to his rant. And frankly in regards to a lot of right wingers out there getting upset about Pelosi and Rankin being “political” in their attacks on Hugo Chavez. Let it go. If we’re ever going to have any sort of dialogue between left and right there has to be “outs”. Clinton is right, he gave getting Bin Laden a shot. It didnt’ work. (And frankly I recall that people were having a cow about him deflecting attention away from Lewinsky and trying to put it overseas.) If he had killed Bin Laden the right would have had another cow because he wasn’t captured.

The hate going around it enough already. Same with Pelosi and Rankin. Let it go. What they said against Chavez may very well be political. So what. They are politicians. At least for once in their careers it sounded like they supported this country. We already know the leftoid crowd is full of hate. So packed full of it that they end up off the deep end when they speak. The right is in power and even when out of power they sounded more like “reasonable” human beings.

Go with the acronym WWWD. What would W do? That’s a guy with graciousness.
This goes for me too. I’m working on a change of tone we’ll see if I can keep it up!