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So I had questions about my previous post concerning my wish that President Bush speak up a little more and at least attempt to “lead” those of us who still support him. My questioner said he had just given 2 speeches, didn’t I like them?

Well – I hadn’t even really heard much of them. So I got onto and read the Tipp City speech.

“yadda, yadda, Saddam was evil, yadda, people want liberty, yadda, not surprised the Iraqis braved…yadda, yadda.”

I got onto the Washington Post siteregarding the speech to see what I had missed there. Not much. The article is basically about the Reid statement concerning us having “lost” the war.

So then onto the 2nd speech. This one in East Grand Rapids. And what do you know, he did give a decent speech. At a frigging high school in East Grand Rapids to the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan. Uh, Who??

Here is the Washington Post rundown. Including

The president delved deeper into details of his Iraq strategy than he usually does in such appearances, using the monitors to illustrate troop movements and to show photographs conveying the horror of the violence in Iraq. He promised more detailed reports on Iraq during speeches in coming weeks.

“The nature of a strategy aimed at securing the population is that the most important gains are often the least dramatic,” he said. “Day by day, block by block, Iraqi and American forces are making incremental gains in Baghdad.”

And he promised more speeches in days to come.

So maybe, I jumped the gun. We’ll see, but in the meantime, besides Rich Galen, Power and Control would also be interested in hearing directly from the President.

BTW I’m sure it is too far above your pay grade, but our war leaders are really letting us down by not getting more news and views of the troops out.

War is 3/4s morale. The DOD and the President are letting the home front down.

The message is simple:

There is a democratically elected government in Iraq under attack by the disgruntled, by Nazi emulating Baathists, and by external forces. This Iraqi government may fall at the next election. We will not let it fall to violence.

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Go ahead Mr. President. Speak to us! Share what you can and be honest and yourself about it!

Said questioner above, just sent me this link to Charlie Rose interview with President Bush today. Keep it coming sir!

6 thoughts on “President Bush

  1. I remain a fervent supporter of the President, but you are talking about his greatest weakness. In 2000, I didn’t think we needed a great orator in the White House, and his plain speech was refreshing after eight years of lawyerly parsing President Clinton.

    But we badly need a Churchill today to rally a war-weary nation. And my President is sadly not capable.

    I’ll be giving extra points for communication and style in the ’08 primaries.

  2. I hear you! The sad part is that his speeches to small groups do sound great. And of course there is just that basic prejudice against the “Texas sound” that so many people just hate on sight.

  3. It is true the administration could do more in “getting more news and views of the troops out” but honestly, isn’t that the press’s job? The problem isn’t so much that the public is denied reports of western military successes as that we are bombarded with the successes, meager as they are, of our enemy. See ‘Western Media’s Fifth Column’ here:

  4. I would say it isn’t the press’s job. Their job is to make money for their shareholders by writing about the news. But if no one anywhere ever wanted to hear what the President had to say I would still expect his job to be to spread the word while I wouldn’t expect the press to waste good advertising space on it.

  5. Fair enough – the news is a free-market business. However, I am particularly sensitive to the redefinition of the concept ‘reality’ that is driven by the philosophy of Pragmatism. Abdicating the principle that news must be objective and opinion must be on the editorial page is the civil equivalent of allowing a wartime enemy to capture your capital because defending civilian property “isn’t the army’s job.”

    The progress and security of a free society is based upon individual choice of the best ideas amongst all available. When the available ideas are restricted by ideological censorship then freedom is in jeopardy.

    Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave.

  6. Now that I agree with! Bottom line, I want to hear more from President Bush. “Fireside chats” of course have a bad name, but if he spoke “to the people” in a regular manner, (every other week?) vs at high schools, I suspect they’d be forced to give him more press.

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