President Bush

Has a ton of class. That amendment that passed on Tuesday (while he was out of the country!) was enough to get me to write both my senators. (see Varifrank for a recap.) The President, however, has taken it how it was meant to be taken (as seen through rose colored glasses).

A reminder to him to update everyone’s constituents with how things are going in Iraq, because voters are beginning to listen to other sources since the good news hasn’t been coming out of the White House.

ps Has anyone else noticed that people’s perceptions of the war (as told by the media) has gone downhill ever since Mr. Chrenkoff retired?

One thought on “President Bush

  1. Oh, don’t get me started on the good ol’ MSM!! From Katrina to Iraq they do us disservice after disservice and never have any consequences for being WRONG and misleading the public. You say you want a revvvoooluuution, well you know…….and Chrenkoff is missed!!

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