Prescription Drugs

Can they do this? Legislate to make businesses carry certain products?

The Environmental Republican has the story about Massachusetts requiring Walmart to carry the morning after pill. Apparently each pharmacy is required to carry all “commonly prescribed medicines.” You’d think there would at least be a codicil/adendum or whatever saying that there were exceptions to “commonly socially disputed medicines”. Or some way to call yourself a “limited pharmacy” if you chose not to carry the whole list of things required.

Personally I’d never make it in big business. I have a very large ‘cut of my nose to spite my face’ gene. If I were Walmart, I would simply close the stores in MA. (yes, I know, job losses, profit losses, stock holders etc. Like I said, I’d never make it.)

2 thoughts on “Prescription Drugs

  1. I think Walmart needs a spanking. The rest of us in licensed businesses accept the regulation that goes with it; you have to take classes to keep up licenses, you are not allowed to choose your clients, even if they can’t speak English. Pretty tough deal when you are relying on your pharmacy of choice as basically a trusted medical provider and they are going to pass moral judgement on you about the medicine you can have? hmmmmm…….

  2. However a business generally can sell or not sell what they want. Because you’re a pet food store, are you required to sell Hills? Or because you’re a restaurant, are you required to sell bread? Why would a pharmacy be any different? Especially with a product that is so controverial. I am definitely pro choice. But for there are millions of people out there who truly equate abortion to murder. Not on a whim but because that’s what they believe. Does that mean none of them can have pharmacies? That’s a bit over the top in my book.

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