Preparing for President Obama

Ed Morrissey (I know, again) notes that Harry Reid see’s things going “pretty good” in Afghanistan. Ed asks what the hell is he thinking?

Exit question: What strange twist of fate has brought Dingy Harry to the brink of applauding Bush’s management of a war? No doubt he has his eye on next year, but which way is he going to spin the progress he claims to be seeing? By citing it as evidence that we’re winning and should therefore support President Obama’s call for more troops? Or by citing it as evidence that the country’s in good enough shape that we don’t really need any more troops, as candidate Obama is hinting now about Iraq? Remember, a majority of Democrats have soured on Afghanistan. Any excuse to abandon ship will suffice, I’m sure.

Personally, I think Harry Reid is setting up Obama to have his very own “war win”. Iraq will definitely be connected with Bush for all time. We’ll be in Afghanistan for a while more and this way Obama can “win it” and bring everyone home with a parade.

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