Pre-election freakout.

“the President is going to attack Iran to win the election!!

Yeah, right and:

Recall 2004, when Madeline Albright and Teresa Kerry told people that the Bush administration had already captured Osama bin Laden and would announce it right before the presidential elections. Recall also that John Kerry told people that George Bush was secretly planning to reinstate the draft after the presidential election, which would have been more of a November surprise, even though the only people proposing it were Democrats Charles Rangel and Fritz Hollings. (In fact, Democrats insisted on considering a draft in 2005.)

Alos, let’s not forget the Howard Dean theory on 9/11 — that the Bush administration had advance knowledge of it but allowed it to happen in order to gain politically from the war, saying it was an “interesting theory” during his presidential run in 2003-4. The Democrats responded to this conspiracy-mongering by putting Dean in charge of their party.