Power to the People

Last night I attended Liberty on the Rocks (where were you?) and listened to Jeff Wright talk about his book “The Citizen’s Last Stand: Are you Ready?”.
He talk was mostly on economics, and what we can expect. He mentioned his level of optimism for the future, which was odd coming from a man suggesting you buy silver.

Jk over at Three Sources sees humanity as capable of finding better ways out of bad situations. Especially Americans. I prefer to agree with him rather than with Mr. Wright who is “optimistic” that in the end after the fires and ravages of the BIG ONE, conservatism will win.

There is no reason we need to hit rock bottom and I think Margaret Thatcher’s death ought to be a firm reminder of this. This is from NeoNeocon:

Sometimes one side seems to be winning, sometimes the other. Right now leftism believes itself to be in the ascendance, and there’s no doubt it has some natural advantages in term of appealing to human emotions both positive and negative, such as starry-eyed and somewhat naive idealism, as well as covetousness and lust for power.

But conservatism has some advantages too, which might best be summed up in the words of Lady Thatcher herself:
The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

But even better is this quote of Thatcher’s from her site:

Or perhaps this:
Popular capitalism is nothing less than a crusade to enfranchise the many in the economic life of the nation. We Conservatives are returning power to the people.

Many people on the left want to fix what ails us with government interference, right up to the time that the government interferes with them.

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