You have by now heard of this movement started by Glenn Reynolds and NZBear. I recommend you click the links and see where your state stands. It was interesting.

But wouldn’t you agree that this Nasa visit to the moon for 104 billion dollars is about 100 billion dollars of pork that could go to that 200 billion dollars promised to rebuild the south????

I am all for exploration and space travel and nanotech etc, etc, but 104 billion to go the moon again? When the money is clearly needed elsewhere.

6 thoughts on “Porkbusters

  1. If our government had demonstrated they can get money where it needs to be, or that they would even give it to an organization that COULD get it to the needy I might come closer to agreeing- but I still think it is stupid to rebuild the 8 feet below sea level parts of New Orleans, to set more people up for suffering/loss in the future; and there are many benefits in the medical and technology fields that make all of our lives better from NASA.

  2. But we are going to rebuild NO and the south. And we’re at war. And we may soon need to rebuild Houston or Galveston or whereever Rita hits. NASA does do great things but do we need to budgeting for this now? I say no.

  3. So we don’t agree about rebuilding or the value of the space program, apparently; how about the horrible abuses in the way the government distributes money? The debit card fiasco didn’t work, although a great idea; having problems with fraud already in trying to get money to people; they need to hand it over to someone who is accountable and will not just shrug after getting ripped off for a few billion $$! Only OUR money, after all, and THEY still get a paycheck, so why get excited over a little ripoff?

  4. You’re right about how they distribute money, in general. I think I’d disagree with the debit fiasco thing. Yes, some people will abuse it, but I am guessing most people didn’t. And I don’t have a better plan for distributing money in such a situation. Say you have now, no job, no home, no friends with any of that – and no money in your pocket. What would you do? I feel more comfortable wasting a few thousand on those debit cards vs tihngs like the Alaskan bridge to no where or the Colorado State highway pork.

  5. The debit cards weren’t working, last I heard. The people went to buy stuff and got turned down! Don’t have a reliable reference, just heard the interviews on good ole MSM CNN

  6. I know they ended up not working but it was a quick idea for a quick problem. And I don’t think it was a bad idea and I don’t mind the govt using my tax dollars to go out on a small limb like that.
    But then, I still am a democrat.

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