Polls and their Usefulness

The BBC notes today that most people are ready to make sacrifices to avoid climate change.

The specifics are very sketchy.

Four out of five people said they were prepared to change their lifestyle – even in the US and China, the world’s two biggest emitters of carbon dioxide.

Opinion was split over tax rises on oil and coal – 44% against, 50% in favour.

Support would rise if the cash was used to boost efficiency and find new energy sources, the poll suggested.

etc, etc.

I suspect given the generalness of the questions that the poll is useless. Let’s see a poll more similar to this one on healthcare where Americans said they were willing to pay up to $500 more in taxes to see Universal Health Care. The amounts are so off the mark it’s laughable.

This poll on global warming should have asked how people would be willing to change their lifestyles. ie
Would you be willing to walk 1.5 miles to/from work?
Would you be willing to reduce your household garbage pickups to once every other month?
Would you be willing to forego all airline trips for 1 year?
Would you be willing to pay $9.50/gallon for gas?

Being willing to “change your lifestyle” tells me nothing.

One thought on “Polls and their Usefulness

  1. Well, my answers are all no! But I am not a believer that we are causing all the climate change anyway.

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