Polls and their Usefulness

Ok the polls yesterday said Obama was ahead. Way ahead.
How is it that those polls predicted McCain but not Hillary?

Anyone want to check out those voting machines? Scrappleface has the DNC shouting fraud, but so far I haven’t really heard that.

“It’s a forgone conclusion that if the race outcome defies the pollster predictions, there must have been corruption,” said an unnamed DNC source.

It maybe is time for a vast left wing conspiracy to rear it’s ugly head.

Oooh people are questioning.

Now – as much as I really, really, really do not want Hillary Clinton in the White House, I really, really wish that Barack Obama had a better head on his shoulders. Concerning the Sunni tribes rising up to fight alQaeda:

“I welcome the genuine reductions of violence that have taken place, although I would point out that much of that violence has been reduced because there was an agreement with tribes in Anbar province – Sunni tribes – who started to see, after the Democrats were elected in 2006, you know what, the Americans may be leaving soon, and we are going to be left very vulnerable to the Shias. We should start negotiating now. That’s how you change behavior.”

People can live up to the office, but he does have quite a bit of living up to do based on this. I think he’s basically honest which leads me to believe he really believes this crapoloa.

On to the next primary.

3 thoughts on “Polls and their Usefulness

  1. Hillary and Obama are just scary with their lack of real experience with anything!! They just don’t get much from what they say……..

  2. It has been fascinating and tittilating to watch the reaction of the MSM, ESPECIALLY that pompous a.s.s Chris Matthews, to the polling situation out of NH. He is practically begging, crying, demanding to know why “they” got it so wrong! How dare “they”! Weeellllll, his life for the next 12 months is halfways based on “them.” By that I mean his job is to make sense of these polls for the stupid people like everyone reading this blog or not reading any damn blogs and just going to vote.

    If the proprietor of this blog let’s me…I just might have another more coherent tirade welling up inside of me. Till then, revel in the fact that the MSM watched Hillary cry, they watched Obama stream in and out of a sort of “hip” slang with no one calling him on it, all the while a guy who lived in a place called the Hanoi Hilton barely got a comment from these poll worshiping, Georgetown party Pinot Grgio sipping, and condescending elitists waxed philosophically how the media got it wrong.

    Hey dipshits, wake up, the people vote, you talk. How about shutting your piehole while America decides who it wants for President?
    Coastwatcher out!

  3. As long as I don’t need to listen to some dude di-sect the female psyche, feel free to send in a guest blog.
    (fyi: women did not vote for Hillary because she cried)

    You’re always welcome Coastwatcher!

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