Three things to note here:
1 – I’ve always had trouble following the money scandals, so I don’t bother. I figure everyone does it. Which doesn’t make it right, but makes me not read more than the headlines. However, I have to say that Delay’s newest scandal, (remember his last one that disappeared with the appearance of Democrats doing exactly the same thing wrong!!! Travelgate) just makes arguing with people a big pain in the neck. Those airy phrases of “this administration is steeped in corruption” just become more difficult. May all the rest of the GOP be lily white. And may we all remember the Chuck Schumer case that is ONLY being followed by bloggers. ht Powerline

2 – Dinocrat’s take on McCain. lol

3 – Pork and killing the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. via Right Wing News. While what he’s saying may be true about people not really liking it etc so now would be a good time to let it die, it took forever to come up with this bill! If it dies, it’s dead and gone. Remember that prescriptions are generally preventative medicine. A prescription drug bill must also SAVE the taxpayers money in the long run by helping to prevent things like clogged arteries etc.